Trump Denies Throwing Food In The White House Like An Angry Toddler: ‘I Don’t Throw Food…I Eat The Food, Which Is A Problem’

There were many shocking and damning claims made during former Mark Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony during the Jan. 6 hearings. But there were also some bits that simply reiterated what a toddler former president Donald Trump can be. At one point, Hutchinson described having to clean up his ketchup-laden lunch, which she said he threw at the wall in a huff. Now Trump’s denying that one, too, albeit with a bit of self-deprecation.

At a rally in Arizona on Friday night, Trump took some time to complain to his enraptured supporters about the hearings that aren’t doing him any favors. “And they have me throwing food! Throwing food in the White House,” he bellowed. “I don’t throw food in the White House. I don’t throw food anywhere. I eat the food, which his a problem. I’d probably be better off if I threw it.”

Look, Trump wouldn’t have gotten where he’s gotten if he wasn’t occasionally genuinely kind of charming, sort of. Props where it’s deserved: It’s a pretty funny line, especially considering his almost certainly deleterious addiction to fast food.

The Arizona rally was largely a Greatest Hits performance, but he also found time to slip in some of his patented nonsensical logic. For instance, not only did he claim — completely falsely — that they “completely finished” the border wall, which he did not. He also did so while complaining about a border crisis that might not be a problem had he done so. Which he didn’t.

There was also some self-pity. At one point he asked, “Who has been through anything like what I’ve been through. Who? Certainly no politician and definitely no president. A president leaves office and it’s supposed to be a wonderful life.” That prompted a response from no less than actress Morgan Fairchild, who gave him the opportunity to finally peace out for good.

In the meantime, it sure sounds like Trump’s running again…unless he can’t because lawmakers acted on all the findings from the Jan. 6 committee. Or if he’s in jail. Or broke.