Tucker Carlson Is Adamant That What Real Men Need To Start Doing Is ‘Testicle Tanning’

Over the weekend, social media lost it over a commercial for a new Tucker Carlson documentary called The End of Men, which alleges that testosterone levels are dangerously low. Specifically people zeroed in on a wildly homoerotic montage of shirtless, ripped men doing things like shooting guns and swinging axes and milking cows.

But that clip was just the tip of the iceberg. In an hour-long special previewing the new season of Tucker Carlson Originals, his doc series that airs on the streamer Fox Nation, the allegedly unvaxxed host chats with “fitness professional” Andrew McGovern, who explains some of the more curious images in the montage: shots of naked men standing in front of some infrared doodad.

What are these nude dudes doing? They’re heating up their junk. McGovern advises that if men want to “optimize” their testosterone, to take it “to another level,” they should try full-body red-light therapy. Or, as Carlson called it, “testicle tanning.” Whatever one calls it, McGovern asserts that it has “massive amount of benefits.” (Note: There isn’t much strong data on this practice’s benefits or lack thereof.)

The alleged decline of macho masculinity has been a favorite subject of Carlson, who used to wear bowties on television. Last November, he brought on Trumpist senator Josh Hawley, who told him, “Men are in crisis,” lamenting that “assertive” and “independent” guys’ guys are being treated as oppressors in today’s pluralistic society. Then again, perhaps Hawley hadn’t heard that to get back one’s masculinity, men can simply start heating their nuts.

Still, better Tucker telling people to blast their nutsacs than airing conspiracy theories so unhinged it enrages his own colleagues.

(Via New York Mag)