Even Tucker Carlson Is Livid Over The Actions (And Inactions) Of Uvalde, Texas Police During This Week’s School Shooting

For millions of people, the idea of being in agreement with Tucker Carlson on anything is as laughable as it is terrifying. But on Thursday night, in a rare moment of empathy, the Fox News host seemed genuinely appalled to learn that police in Uvalde, Texas waited approximately one hour before entering Robb Elementary School, while a teen shot and killed 21 people, including 19 schoolchildren.

As Mediaite reports, Carlson—who, earlier this week, was blaming the shooting on COVID lockdowns—played a clip of Texas governor Greg Abbott praising the “amazing courage” of the police officers who risked their own lives by “running toward gunfire for the singular purpose of trying to save lives.” Yet based on new interviews and information, Carlson questioned the veracity of Abbott’s statement. While the director of the Texas Department of Public Safety confirmed that police officers were on the scene at the time of the gunman’s arrival, and engaged with him immediately, Carlson was more interested in what an eyewitness to the events saw.

Juan Carranza, who lives next to the school, told the Associated Press that he saw the gunman crash his truck outside of the school, pull out a rifle, and begin shooting at a pair of people outside a nearby funeral home. He then began shooting at the school before running inside. According to Carlson, Carranza stated that there were no officers at the school to engage him, and that when law enforcement did arrive “they didn’t do anything at all for about an hour. In fact, parents had to beg the police to save their children.” Which… is quite a different tale.

Shockingly, Carlson has seen the videos that have emerged in the wake of the shooting and agreed that they corroborate what Carranza said happened. In the meantime, rumors are swirling that some officers did enter the school sooner—but only to remove their own children, which Carlson described as “a moral crime at the very least.”

Carlson also played clips from a Thursday press conference in which police officials were basically able to confirm very few details—except the fact that their initial statement that the gunman had been immediately engaged was, in fact, untrue.

“So the point is not to point fingers or blame people,” Carlson said. “Nobody wants a school shooting. Everyone’s heart is broken by it, but the authorities are not allowed to lie to us in the aftermath of an event like this.”

Carlson then took his anger even further when he concluded: “No matter how pro-law enforcement you are—and we are—there’s only so much B.S. you can take in the face of a tragedy like this.”

You can watch the full video at Mediate here.

(Via Mediaite)