The Self-Declared ‘Vaccine Police’ Is Telling People To Drink Their Own urine To Fight COVID

Meet Christopher Key the self-proclaimed “Vaccine Police” who kicked off the new year by embarking on a nationwide tour to arrest Democratic governors while wielding a flamethrower and a small arsenal of guns. After announcing that his first stop would be Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, you’d assume Key would already be locked up by now, but nope, he’s still making videos for his legion of followers as part of his anti-vaxx, anti-mask crusade.

In his latest report, Key is now touting the ultimate cure for fighting COVID that he claims to be using himself. That cure? Drinking your own urine. Via The Daily Beast:

“This has been around for centuries,” he added. “When I tell you this, please take it with a grain of salt,” the anti-vaccine advocate warned while saying people might now think he is “cray cray.” “Now drink urine!” he continued. “This vaccine is the worst bioweapon I have ever seen,” he concluded. “I drink my own urine!”

When reached for comment, The Daily Beast reports that Key confirmed his support for “urine therapy” and referred to anyone who gets vaccinated instead as “foolish.” Unsurprisingly, Key isn’t the only right-wing figure steering people towards a dubious COVID cure. On the Friday night episode of his show, Tucker Carlson touted Viagra as the hot new treatment.

“Who thought Viagra would save us from the pandemic?” Carlson said while pushing a highly questionable article from The Sun about the boner pill supposedly saving a COVID patient in the U.K.

(Via The Daily Beast)