A Batsh*t New QAnon Documentary Warns That COVID Vaccines Transfer ‘Satan’s DNA’ Into Your Body

Wherever QAnon goes, Batsh*t is right there alongside him. But even by wacky conspiracy theory standards (Trump-JFK Jr. 2024, anyone?), a new documentary called Watch the Water is jaw-droppingly insane. Or, as NBC News senior reporter Ben Collins describes it: “It is even more insane than usual.”

Among the many claims made in the documentary, according to Raw Story, are that the COVID “vaccines contain a mixture of magnets and snake venom with the goal of transferring ‘Satan’s DNA’ into human bodies.”

Satan’s. DNA.

According to Collins, the movie and its inane theories are gaining quite a bit of traction in QAnon-following circles. In it, so-called “experts” claim that getting jabbed means injecting yourself with metal bits which will magnetize you. (What that has to do with Satan, we’re not sure.)

In the trailer, where the sound cuts out several times so as not to reveal the total bullsh*t being spewed, we hear some pretty dire warnings from Dr. Bryan Ardis—a very vocal critic of Remdesivir, the drug that has been used to shorten the lifespan of the COVID-19 virus in many hospitalized patients (including Donald Trump when he was hospitalized with COVID in 2020).

In the trailer for the film, Dr. Ardis claims that while he’s been terrified to speak up, he knows he must. Because when the National Institutes of Health issued a final report confirming the benefits of Remdesivir for COVID patients, Ardis knew it was a lie. More specifically, he knew that Dr. Anthony Fauci “was lying.” And that the drug “was going to be used to mass murder a whole bunch of innocent people in America that did not need to die. Then he was going to sell the world on the idea, in the media.”

Ultimately, Dr. Ardis decided to come forward with his story because God spoke to him through a fortune cookie.

You can watch the trailer—bleeps and all—above.

(Via Raw Story)