Fans Really Don’t Like The Joker’s Look In ‘Injustice 2,’ But They Can All Agree He Looks Better Than Jared Leto

04.30.17 8 months ago 10 Comments

Injustice 2‘s May 16th release date is fast approaching, and with each passing day, it seems like we’re getting another member of the roster revealed or a cool highlight reel showing off the moves of DC’s massive collection of fighters. The first game from the makers of Mortal Kombat was fantastic. It blended the multi-stage environmental destruction of the MK series with DC’s most popular characters, while wrapped in the narrative of a fantastic story. It was a Win Burrito, and DC, NetherRealm Studios, and Warner Bros. know this. That’s why we’re back for more.

Too bad Joker had a friggin’ hole blown through his chest at the end of the first game (it’s not a spoiler alert if it’s been out for years and years) and now he looks like a guy who is doing a bad job cosplaying as Jared Leto’s take on the Joker in Suicide Squad. Fans aren’t happy.

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