‘Injustice 2’ Gives DC’s Heroes Power Armor In Its First Trailer

Injustice: Gods Among Us was a comic fan’s dream, allowing DC’s superheroes to brawl following a plotline that was straight out of the ’90s as a Superman from an alternate reality flips out, kills the Joker, and the Justice League is called in to kick some super-butt. Still, after nearly four years, it was assumed that it was a one-and-done, until this trailer appeared.

The trailer is all about the power armor: Flash, Superman, Batman, Supergirl, and Aquaman all armor up like Tony Stark at some point in the trailer. It turns out the game has an RPG-like “gear system.” As you play the game, you get pieces of gear that allow you to upgrade and reconfigure each fighter to be more in keeping with your style of play. If you’re a defensive player, you’ll get more armor, if you’re an aggressive one, you’ll get damage boosts, and so on.

In theory, it means that when you go online to beat down your friends, if you both choose Aquaman, you’ll have two entirely different fighters. Of course, the popular destroyable environments are being taken up a notch, because creaming Green Arrow with a train just wasn’t enough for this franchise. And new characters are on the way, of course. Personally, we’re rooting for Ambush Bug to show up, if for no other reason than to joke about teleport spam and counteract Deathstroke. Let’s see you play keep-away when we can appear behind you, Slade.

(Via PlayStation Blog)