Is Wonder Woman heading back to the small screen again?

09.06.12 5 years ago

DC Comics

Wonder Woman may be flying back to TV after all, although she may not be quite the same heroine we all know from previous incarnations.
DC Comics, Warner Bros. and The CW are reportedly interested in creating a new take on the character with “Amazon,” an hour-long “Smallville”-like series exploring WW’s origins as a young Amazonian-turned-superhero.

Comic book writer and TV scribe Allen Heinberg (“Young Avengers,” “The OC,” “Grey’s Anatomy”) is working with The CW on a script , but it should be noted that no pilot has been green lit as of now, according to Vulture

One of DC Comics’ most iconic characters, Wonder Woman has has a checkered past with adaptation attempts after the successful late ’70s incarnation which starred Linda Carter as the Amazonian.

Joss Whedon’s long-promised film version of the character never got past the development stages, while David E. Kelley’s recent TV attempt was scuttled after filming a pilot.  

Will “Amazon” have better luck?

Meanwhile, Warner Bros.’ in-development “Justice League” feature would likely feature her alongside her male counterparts Batman and Superman.

What do you think of the “Amazon” idea?


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