Listen: Wilco release new single ‘I Might’

06.27.11 6 years ago

Color me interested in Wilco again. As we mentioned before, the band was to bow its first single during its very own Solid Sound festival in Massachusetts this weekend, and the track, “I Might,” is a doozy.

There’s nothing stadium or over-the-top about it, but the simplicity makes it memorable. Tweedy doesn’t go wild with the metaphors or with the dictionary, but pushes the easy melody through the chuh-chuh-chuh of guitars, fuzzy bass, and a cute glockenspiel. Mikael Jorgensen dialed in his inner-Steve Nieve circa 1978 with the keyboards. I could hum this thing.

The limited-edition blue vinyl release was sold at the festival and is up for pre-order via the band’s own label dBpm, distributed by Anti-. The B-side is the band’s cover of Immaculate Noise fave Nick Lowe’s “I Love My Label.” I see what you did there. A traditional black vinyl version will be out July 19. No word on if a digital version will become available at retailers same day, but vinyl purchasers will get a complimentary digital download.


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