New album announcements: Thrice, Saves the Day, Nick Lowe, Primus

Mondays are always heavy on the new album announcement tip, but today been particularly fruitful for those who still nurture that little cigarette mark burned onto our hearts from rock at the turn of the century  (OK, and Nick Lowe).

Of course, earlier this morning, alternative rockers (ha!) Red Hot Chili Peppers made their way into headlines for their forthcoming set.

And Primus, Lowe, Saves the Day and Thrice all have new albums about to drop this year. You could call some a comeback.

Below is a rundown…

I listened to Nick Lowe‘s “Jesus of Cool” (1978) and “Labour of Lust” (1979) a lot in college because I thought that’s what you’re supposed to do in college. Dude took his time chugging through the ’90s and released a trio of albums in the last decade. But new “The Old Magic” is his first since 2007’s “At My Age.” The 61-year-old can’t help but to dub his fresh sets with wizened album titles, I guess.

“The Old Magic” will be out on Yep Roc on Sept. 13 and features the “crack backing band” (“Get me my cane!”) Geraint Watkins (keyboards), Steve Donnelly (guitar) and Robert Treherne (a.k.a. Bobby Irwin, drums). Singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith, frequent collaborator Paul Carrack and Jimmie Vaughn (Fabulous Thunderbirds) guest.

Lowe will announce autumn U.S. tour dates soon, just as soon as you get off his lawn.

I lost my left shoe at a Saves the Day show, in 2000. Thursday opened. If that combo doesn’t sound emo enough for you, just hear what frontman Chris Conley has to say about forthcoming “Daybreak”: “‘Daybreak’ wraps up all the turmoil and misery of the previous two albums and transcends the pain by facing the fear and angst that comes in this life and turning it into growth and positive change.”

Ech. If you made it this far, then just know that “Daybreak” (Razor & Tie) also drops on Sept. 13, and is the third piece in a trilogy that includes 2006’s “Sound the Alarm” and 2008’s “Under the Boards.” And the 17-year-old version of you can rejoice: they’re touring with the Get-Up Kids all summer.

Check out the first single from “Daybreak,” “Living Without Love,” here.

Oh, were they too prissy for you? I’m sure “The Illusions of Safety” from Thrice gave you a dose of danger like it did to me in 2002. That band is returning with their next new Vagrant set, “Major/Minor,” on Sept. 20. Recording started a mere month ago, and have been chronicling their studio stay via video on their website.

This makes it lucky number seven for the post-hardcore troupe, though I’m still eager to hear if frontman Dustin Kensrue will ever put out another solo set (I once helped him recover his acoustic guitar, which he left in the back of a New York taxi cab. True story.)

Yes: keep laughing at me. I remember picking up Primus‘ “The Brown Album” because two characters from the movie “Empire Records” were debating the merits of Les Claypool’s basslines during the end credits of the VHS (!!) release. Then I bought “Pork Soda,” etc. I sold their last “Antipop,” from 1999, almost as soon as I got it. But perhaps their first album in 12 years will hit the spot: “Green Naugahyde” will be out on Sept. 13 via ATO. It features production from Claypool and a reunion with longtime guitarist Larry LaLonde and on-and-off drummer Jay Lane.

“incomparable sound and also sees them bringing it into the next millennium. It is a cerebral and complex album that, like all of the band”s output, is teeming with the band”s signature blend of whimsy and underlying darkness,” reads a release. Oh, OK.

The band is currently on tour and will stop off at Bonnaroo and its shadow, Kanrocksas, a name which I still have trouble saying in my head.

SUPER BONUS “YOU’RE GETTING OLD” ROUND: Dinosaur Jr. is reissuing 1988’s “Bug” on cassette, due June 21. Only 250 are being made. Last one there‘s a rotten egg.