Aaron McGruder’s ‘Black Jesus’ Already Facing A Boycott

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The show hasn't even aired the first episode yet and somebody's already pissed.


Aaron McGruder Signs New Deal With Adult Swim

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Network orders up more from McGruder.


‘The Boondocks’ Season 4 Extended Trailer Features An Abundance Of Killer Mike, ‘Breaking Bad’

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We're inching closer and closer to The Boondocks' April 21st season premiere


Aaron McGruder Explains Why He Left ‘The Boondocks’

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"To quote a great white man, 'Hollywood is a business'. And to quote another great white man, 'Don’t hold grudges'. "


And This Is Why ‘The Boondocks’ Fourth Season Will Probably, Most Likely Suck.

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Take one step forward if you're working on The Boondocks Season 4...wait one second there, Aaron McGruder.

the boondocks

'The Boondocks' Is Returning To Adult Swim Without Creator Aaron McGruder

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It's a little shocking to hear that 'Boondocks' creator Aaron McGruder was not involved in the fourth and final season of the show.


Finally, ‘The Boondocks’ Fourth Season Has A Premiere Date

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Huey, Riley, Grandpa, Ruckus and the gang all return this spring.


Adult Swim Confirms Return Of “The Boondocks”

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The existence of The Boondocks' Season 4 had been rumored for over a year now, but rumors will only get you so far*.


Support Young Reezy!

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As a thanks for a donation, McGruder* sent over a candy bar on behalf of the Young Reezy Fun-Raiser Corporation.


Now I Have A Real Soapbox

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The FedEx driver came today bearing unsolicited gifts.


Aaron McGruder Is Lazy

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How do you get railed by characters you created? Not sure but Aaron McGruder ends of up on the receiving end of a profane rant by Stinkmeaner for taking too long to bring back The Boondocks.


Huey, Riley…And Dave?

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A couple of weeks ago LC recited one of the commandments TSS was founded upon some five years ago: Dave Chappelle is an unquestioned genius.

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