'The Boondocks' Is Returning To Adult Swim Without Creator Aaron McGruder

The good news is that The Boondocks is finally returning to Adult Swim on April 21st for a fourth and final season. The bad news is that creator Aaron McGruder will not be involved in the production. From The LA Times:

A press release from Sony Pictures Television, which produces the series, noted that the new season “was produced without the involvement of Aaron McGruder, when a mutually agreeable production schedule could not be determined…

“The announcement comes as a surprise: Since launching the strip in 1999, McGruder, who is developing a live-action comedy “Black Jesus” for Adult Swim, has been extremely protective of the property and the Boondocks characters.

We haven’t had new episodes of The Boondocks since 2010 and while the new season is welcome, I can’t help but feel a little worried by the absence of its creative voice. Think of Community without Dan Harmon.

Luckily McGruder is still around with Black Jesus, based on the 2008 viral hit of the same name. He’s far too important as a media voice and Red Tails was certainly not the best use of his talents.

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