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Our Exclusive Predictions For Marvel Phase 4: The Quest for Search Engine Traffic

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe contains multitudes. Which is why PHASE FOUR is going to be so spectacular.


Asylum’s Thor ripoff stars Richard Grieco

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The Asylum is a studio (and I mean that only in the loosest sense of the word) that pumps out bad, direct-to-DVD ripoffs of blockbusters (Transformers + The Asylum = Transmorphers), reportedly averaging four months from script to "finished" product.


Oh Look, Another Thor Movie

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A week and a half before Kenneth Branagh's Thor hits theaters on May 6th, The Asylum will be releasing their own direct-to-DVD Thor <a href="../2010/01/sherlock-holmes-plus-dinosaurs">mockbuster</a> starring Richard Grieco as Loki and <a href="">Cody Deal</a> as Thor.

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