Breitbart Stooge Carries Legacy Of Idiocy On By Ambushing Bono Impersonator


When bombastic right-wing provocateur Andrew Breitbart died suddenly a few weeks ago, his surviving minions promised that his mission -- to expose the secret Obama/Hollywood conspiracy to destroy America or something -- would not go unfulfilled, that they would carry his gas-powered torch going forward.


Make Every Tweet Count, You Guys. It Could Be Your Last.


Just a quick note on something that's on my mind today: the death of Andrew Breitbart has served to reinforce the belief that ones social media persona is playing an increasingly greater part in the shaping of identity -- how people perceive you to be when alive, and now, more and more so, after death.


So Long, Andrew Breitbart

Bombastic conservative activist, political provocateur and web pioneer Andrew Breitbart died last night.

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