Two Girls, One Mixer

A pair of teenage girls attempt to get cute while baking.

#video games

It’s Dangerous To Go Alone, Take This Legend Of Zelda Pixel Cookie


"Pixel cookies" like these can be made by separating shortbread dough into different piles which are then kneaded with different food colorings.

#Star Wars

How To Make Awesome Star Wars Cookies With Cookie Cutters You May Already Have

Callye Alvarado was disappointed with Star Wars cookie cutter sets at Williams-Sonoma (4 of the cutters are currently selling for $20 and $10, review of them available at Geektress).

wake n bake has a nice ring to it


It's nice to see Sanantonio taking up a good wholesome hobby.

fun with peter king

Peter King’s Championship Cake Recipe


When we last left map-eschewing porkquistador Peter King, he was decrying the price of Yankee Stadium’s hot chocolate (it’s 30% cacao.

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