This Is Your Year To Give Christmas Fruit Cake One More Shot… And We Have The Recipe

12.24.17 1 year ago 3 Comments

There are few desserts more reviled, and therefore dismissed than a Christmas fruitcake. And for good reason, they’re often hard, tasteless bricks that arrive from a mail-ordering relative you’d altogether forgotten you were blood-connected to.

Over the years, the fruitcake became an industrialized confection that took what made the dessert great to begin with and tossed it (much like people often toss their fruitcakes). The butter was replaced with margarine and alcohol was removed from the recipe. And, honestly, nothing is better without the requisite booze and butter. But Puritan Americans insist on ruining good things, so the fruitcake you’ve dared to taste — or trash — is but a shadow of the real deal.

We’re here to entice you back into a winter wonderland filled with delicious fruitcakes. They do take a fair amount of time to make yourself, but the effort and patience is worth it in the long run.

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