Chamillionaire – “Watching Breaking Bad”

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Koopa ties his real life and Heisenberg's fictional tale into one for this impressive new story song.


Chamillionaire – “H-Town Legend”

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Who really thinks Chamillionaire is a "H-Town Legend"?


Slim Thug Ft. Chamillionaire & Paul Wall – “Love It”

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Three of Texas' favorite sons reunite for this screwed-up single from Slim Thugga's new album.


Chamillionaire – “Some Things Never Change”

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Chamillionaire should always get a pass, even if his career seemed to derail as soon as he hit his commercial peak.


This Dog Vine Is Virtually Flawless

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Dog + Roomba + Chamillionaire's "Ridin' Dirty" = Awesome.


Chamillionaire Ft. Scarface, Killer Mike & Bobby Moon – “Reign Fall”

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With Chamillionaire's latest project, Reignfall, ready to hit stores tomorrow, he unleashes perhaps one of the biggest songs on the EP, the title track featuring Scarface and Killer Mike.


Chamillionaire – “Overnight” Video


Success rarely comes "Overnight" and Chamillionaire knows first hand.

Tyler Keyes

M.I. Ft. Chamillionaire & Corbett – “Nothing You Can Do” (Prod. by Tyler Keyes)


After the last release from their upcoming Pushing Keyes project received nothing but positive feedback, M.


Chamillionaire – “Overnight” x “Slow Loud & Bangin'”

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The last two days have been a Chamillionaire bonanza, as he lets loose another two offerings from his newly released Elevate EP.


Chamillionare – “Hold Up”

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Science time: what does one get when he splices a frantic, club-ready beat with a superb set of Chamillionare bars.


Chamillionaire – “The Ill Mind Of Koopa” x “Show Love” Video

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"I'm not being emotional, I'm just not being sociable, even though that's what my publicist Nancy say I'm supposed to do" Two quick points about Chamillionaire's "Ill Mind Of Koopa.


Question Of The Day: Ever Admired A Rapper, Met Them & Now Hate Them?

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A few weeks ago, Rapper A released a track that was bangin'.


Chamillionaire – Ammunition EP

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In our current rap landscape, it's almost unheard of to charge fans for anything other than a studio album.

Z Ro

Slim Thug – Houston Mixtape x “Can’t Stop” Video


Well, wouldn't you look who's creeping and crawling, still balling in the mix.


Chamillionaire – Badazz Slow-Mixes


It's all about the blends as Chamilllionaire slows things down when he teams up with DJ Arshizzle, Prabh Dhillon, & DJ Sick Blunt, all winners in a recent contest held on Cham's site to mix his latest tape.


Chamillionaire & Koopa – Badazz Freemixes

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For his diehards, Cham puts together a few tracks and delivers them gift wrapped as Badazz Freemixes.

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