Tobe Nwigwe Has A Reason To Flex In His ‘Been Broke’ Video With 2 Chainz, Chamillionaire, And Fat

Alief, Texas rapper Tobe Nwigwe‘s videos are always elaborate, self-directed affairs but he really pulls out all the stops in his new video for “Been Broke,” which also features Atlanta trap captain 2 Chainz, Houston hard hitter Chamillionaire, and, as always, Tobe’s wife, Fat. As he does in many of his videos, Tobe highlights his Nigerian heritage, his family’s close bond, and unique aesthetic sensibilities. This time, though, he goes all-in on flexing his wealth too, contrasting his current circumstances with the song’s all-too-relatable chorus.

The video opens with a reference to the tradition of a newly wedded couple being showered with cash as he and Fat embrace on the lawn of a massive mansion, surrounded by aunties in their big hats, the usual Tobe dance team, and a squadron of muscle cars doing laps around the circular driveway. Of course, there’s the requisite shot of Tobe, Fat, and their babies, then 2 Chainz and Chamillionaire both tell their own rags-to-riches stories from various spots on the grounds. Chainz’s verse makes nifty use of an international wordplay motif, while Chamillionaire brags about escaping one-hit-wonder status. And, as usual, the whole cast is decked out in mint green styles designed by Tobe himself.

Watch Tobe Nwigwe’s Facebook-exclusive “Been Broke” video featuring 2 Chainz and Chamillionaire below.