On Edgar Wright And ‘Ant Man': When A Studio Wants Your Name, Not Your Vision

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Edgar Wright's recent departure from Marvel's 'Ant-Man' is only the most recent example of a studio hiring a director for their name, but not their vision.


‘Captain Phillips’ And The Problem With ‘Based On A True Story’

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Oscars week feature: When a movie purports to depict real events, doesn't it owe us some insight into those events?


The Wolf of Wall Street Debate Misses the Damned Point and Here’s Why

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As the debate over whether Wolf of Wall Street is an endorsement of Jordan Belfort rages on, it's important to understand that that's a stupid question.


Dear Hollywood: War Veterans Aren’t Here to Kill You. (Guest Column)

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You might not remember it, and I only barely did, but a while back, the trailer hit for an indie-ish sci-fi film called Black Rock, directed by Katie Aselton of The League and co-written by Mark Duplass.

pacific rim

The Problem of Scenery over Choreography

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All Scaled Out: Why Most of This Summer's Action Films Have Kind of Sucked I'm writing this because I think our complaints about recent action movies are all wrong.

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