A PI Is Going To Jail For Hacking Scientology Critics, And The Court Doesn’t Know Who Hired Him


When two high-profile Scientology critics get hacked, you can guess who was probably behind it. Only a court doesn't seem to be trying too hard to figure it out.

david miscavige

Scientology Head David Miscavige Had Goons Trailing His Dad With A Stun Gun And Tracking Device, Say Police


David Miscavige allegedly paid $10,000 a week to have his father tracked by two private investigators, who spied on his emails, tapped his phone, and put a GPS tracker on his car.

Going Clear

Ranking The Church Of Scientology’s ‘Going Clear’ Response Videos, By Watchability


The Church of Scientology made a series of videos discrediting everyone who appeared in 'Going Clear." We rank those videos by watchability.


Leah Remini Has Left The Church Of Scientology


The New York Post reported that actress Leah Remini has left the church of Scientology after questioning David Miscavige led to her being interrogated.

vanity fair

Vanity Fair’s Unintentionally Hilarious Scientology Photoshops


Vanity Fair is still milking the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce for all the ink it's worth, and recently put online their epic, 8,000-word piece on a woman who was once chosen as Tom Cruise's next girlfriend, made to break up with her fiancee, and generally shuffled around the world and made to do weird sh*t by an army of Xenu-fearing acolytes.

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