nope nope nope

NOPE: Australian Fishermen Pulled This Horrifying Nightmare Beast Out Of The Ocean


A group of Australian fishermen pulled a fully-grown, extremely rare frilled shark out of the water HOLY HELL THAT'S THIS THINGS FACE?

the little mermaid

College Humor Ruins ‘The Little Mermaid’ With ‘Under The Deep Sea’

Yeah, going 'Under The Sea' is a lot less fun than it sounds, in this parody.


Deep Sea Animals With Googly Eyes Are The Cutest Nightmare Fuel You’ll See Today


Deep Sea Fauna With Googly Eyes is a single-serving Tumblr using stick-on googly eyes to dramatically improve terrifying deep sea creatures.

Here’s What Happens When You Disrespect The Power Of The Ocean With Your Dancing

A woman in Spain recently underestimated everything about ocean waves and this video PSA to never disrespect the ocean was born.

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