Katy Perry Can’t Buy California Nuns Out Of Their Convent Home


The singer is in a legal fight to purchase a convent she wants to make her home.


The Three Stooges Looks Terrible, But Holy Sh*t Kate Upton As A Nun


I don't think I could sit through 90 minutes of The Farrelly Brothers' The Three Stooges update, but thankfully the minute-46 version highlights what I'm sure will be the very best part -- Sports Illustrated model and America's Best Girl Kate Upton's uncredited cameo as nun in a bikini.

#dumb criminals

Nun’s New Hymn: “Been Caught Stealing”

What do an Israeli soldier and a New York nun have in common.


These Nuns Is About To Get Paid


A Baltimore-based order of nuns is cashing in on a pretty sweet present that was willed to them more than 11 years ago.

the glories of technology

Non-Speaking Nuns Get Bad News Via RSS

The Poor Claires are not, in fact, a feminist punk band but are rather a bunch of silent, vegetarian nuns who pray for the world whenever they get bad news.

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