Hear An Unreleased Version Of Drake’s ‘Madonna’


An unreleased verse from Drake's "Madonna" surfaces

OG Ron C

Dice SoHo + OG Ron C – Lean Routine Mixtape (Chopped Not Slopped)

Seventeen-year-old, Houston newcomer makes a name for himself with new project.

OG Ron C

Jarren Benton & OG Ron C Ft. Gangsta Boo – “Move Back” (Chopped Not Slopped)


When a founding member of SwishaHouse offers to put his purple touches on your project, you agree without hesitation.

Ratchet Shit Vol. 3

Mach Five Feat. Gangsta Boo – “Turn Up Juice” Video

Infomercials haven’t been the same since 2009, when The Sham Wow Guy was arrested for fighting with a prostitute, and soon thereafter, long-time product peddler Billy Mays suddenly died.

Ratchet Shit Vol. 3

Mach Five – Ratchet Shit Vol. 3

In terms of epic trilogies, the Ratchet Shit series falls up there with Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Indiana Jones.

Purple Politics

DeLorean – Purple Politics Mixtape (Hosted By OG Ron C x DJ CandleStick)

Texas upstart DeLorean gets a boost for his Hood Politics 3 mixtape when OG Ron C and DJ CandleStick give it the chopped up, not slopped up treatment, turning it Purple.

OG Ron C

OG Ron C x A$AP Rocky – Live Love Purple (Chopped Not Slopped)


A$AP Rocky's long proclaimed his affinity for the sounds of Houston and Houston pays it back as OG Ron C (along with DJ Candlestick and Mr.

the weeknd

The Weeknd x OG Ron C – Chops Of Silence Mixtape


OG Ron C adds his Texas touch to The Weeknd's Echoes of Silence mixtape.


Drake & OG Ron C – ChopCare


Drake's Take Care gets chopped up, not slopped up by OG Ron C and with complete approval by Drizzy himself.


OG Ron C Chops & Screws Drake’s “Headlines”


"If it don't say chopped up then it's slopped up" and OG Ron C adds the official Texas spin on Drake's "Headlines." Could be purple, could be pink but it's definitely good for the whip.

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