Beyonce And Solange’s New Albums Get Chopped And Screwed As A Nod To Their Texas Roots

Few things are more uniquely Houston than the “chopped up, not slopped up” sounds created by OG Ron C and The ChopStars. For an artist, it’s a distinction to have your music altered by the Houston DJs as its a sign they rock with your art. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to see Beyonce and Solange, born and bred in the city, to have their albums blessed by OG Ron C, DJ Candlestick, and DK Slim K a new mix titled A Seat at the Table While Sipping Purple Lemonade, which is pretty much what you imagine it to be — slowed down and dragged out versions of songs from each of the Knowles sisters’ respective albums.

The whole thing runs 36 songs deep as fan favorites like “Cranes in the Sky,” “Daddy Lessons,” “F.U.B.U.” and “Formation” get completely retooled to the point where they sound almost completely different from their original forms. A song like “Mad,” which was already low on BPMs, turns into a six-minute journey with Solange’s vocals taking on an even more aching tone and Wayne’s croaking sounds even more woozy than before. The whole thing definitely earns a gold sticker that reads “hot sauce in the bag” for how far deep it seeps into the roots of the sisters and Houston’s music culture.

Stream A Seat at the Table While Sipping Purple Lemonade below.

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