The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle – ONYX’s “Da Nex N*guz”


Infidelity in rap, as performed the Afficial Nasty Niggaz aka Onyx on the track "Da Nex N*guz.

#Jay Z

A Song For You: 10 Classic Tracks With Aretha Franklin Samples

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Even with all the convenience the digital age has brought to the fan's music consumption diet, chalking up the days of producers digging for infectious samples and thumbing through an album booklet to check out the credits as a relic of yesterday is a harsh reality to face.


Dear Sherm…

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For those who don't know, Sherm is a drunk, angry Twitterer.



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A Day in the Life (amazing, must-watch trailer after the jump) is a hip hop musical written, directed and starring Sticky Fingaz, formerly of Onyx.


’98 Notable Quotable – Sticky Fingaz On “Shut ‘Em Down”

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Ayy man it's Sticky F-I-N-G-A-Z the crazy cajun blazin', bullets for dayz and dayz and grazin' amazin', I'm the guy that's lacin' Purple-hazin', hard-to-be-phasin' LORD all this hell that I'm raisin' God of the underground, I'm gunning 'em down with a thunder pound We gonna [SHUT 'EM DOWN.


“Dome Doctor”

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In today's media-friendly world where the chase is always for the next big thing, there's one of three surefire ways to get your face & project out there.

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