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Google Pulls The Ultimate Glasshole Move, Tries To Patent The Word “Glass”

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Google thinks, because of its silly eyewear, it has a right to the word "Glass." No, seriously!


Patent Trolls Attempting To Extort Companies For Using Scanners Properly

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Use a scanner the way you're supposed to? Then you're a thief, according to a shadowy network of shell companies designed to hide who actually owns them.

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Tweet Seats Now Subject To Patent Trolling


<a href=""></a>Previously, we reported on the abomination that is "Tweet Seats," namely a specific area of seating when <a href="">patrons can pull out their phones and loudly announce to the entire world what a waste of carbon they are</a>.


Yahoo! Suing Facebook For Making More Money Than Yahoo!


<a href=""></a>Remember Yahoo.


Noted Patent Troll Apple Falls Afoul of Chinese Copyright Troll


<a href=""></a>Apple <a href="">has been</a> <a href="">on the patent trolling warpath</a> recently, dragging Motorola and Samsung into court over violating things like its "slide to unlock" feature.

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Wait, Microsoft Makes More off Android Than Windows Phone?


Microsoft today announced that it was making more money from Android than Windows Phone -- you know, the OS that they actually own.

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