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If We Need New Polar Ice Caps, Maybe We Could Import Them From Pluto


The New Horizons probe has been sending back images this month of its approach of the dwarf planet.


NASA Is Closer To Putting Whalers On The Moon And Submarines On Titan


The Titan Mare Explorer might include a submarine to explore the depths of Titan's lakes.


NASA Wants To Build A Cloud City On Venus


OK, so it didn't go well in 'Bioshock: Infinite.' NASA still wants to try a floating city on Venus.


Underground Ocean Detected On Saturn’s Moon Enceladus

New findings from the Cassini spacecraft point to a large body of water beneath the surface of Enceladus, Jupiter's sixth-largest moon.

space exploration

Europa: NASA Starts ‘The Final Countdown’ For Mission To Find Life


NASA is planning to send a robotic mission to Europa, one of Jupiter's moons, to collect water samples and search for life.


NASA Is Trying To Track Down Hundreds Of “Moon Trees”

Don't you hate it when you lose something important.

space exploration

NASA Discovers Largest Collection of Planets Orbiting Single Star

It's nice to see those scalawags over at NASA finally doing something useful with their time; a team running the Kepler observatory recently put down their Shake Weights just long enough to discover the largest collection of planets yet discovered orbiting around a single star.


Is NASA Planning One-Way Spaceflights?

Earlier in October, NASA Ames Research Center director Simon Warden mentioned a new project NASA was working with DARPA on: a "hundred year starship," designed for colonizing other planets.


Japan Wants To Build A Giant Robot Solar Disco Moon Ring

Japan seems pretty obsessed with the Moon these days.

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Japan To Give Robots Moon Base To Kill Us All

Is there any problem that Japan thinks robots can't solve.

Space yacht

Japan To Launch ‘Space Yacht’ Solar Sailed Satellite

Break out the Space Cristal, because Japan is set to launch a satellite called Ikaros, which it's describing as a "space yacht," on May 18th.

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