Clever New Project Aims To Use ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ To Promote Actual Space Exploration

I’m inspired.

Star Trek Into Darkness, Star Wars: Episode VII, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avatar 2 — the next few years are going to be packed full of high-budget, sure to be super popular movies about space travel, and yet ironically NASA, the folks who explore space for reals, don’t really get the attention or respect they deserve these days.

Well, a new project that aims to use the popularity of Hollywood sci-fi epics to promote NASA’s real-life space efforts has popped up on Indiegogo. NASA recently put together a cool little video called “We Are The Explorers”, but there are rules against the agency buying ad time themselves. So, basically, the plan is to raise $33,000, edit NASA’s video into a tight 30-second spot, and then run the ad before screenings of Star Trek Into Darkness in most major American cities.

It’s a neat idea, and it certainly would be poetic if some kid inspired by these ads actually goes onto help create a more Trekkie world. You can check out NASA’s original “We Are The Explorers Video” after the jump…

Yes, that was Optimus Prime narrating. Want to chip in? You can do so right here.