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Deathbros Are Putting The ‘Fun’ In Funeral Services


Funeral services are about to get a lot more technically advanced, thanks to funeral startups. Seriously.


A Man Confessing To Murder To Plug A Startup Is Not A Good Thing

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Matthew Cordle has confessed to killing a man due to drinking and driving. But it's not a public service announcement. It's an advertisement.


Meet the Guy Who Secretly Lived On AOL’s Campus For Two Months When He Was Broke And Homeless


<a href="http://uproxx.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/130465138_1c713dfdba.jpg"></a>If you see the name "Eric Simons" attached to a startup, it's probably one you want to invest money in, because this guy Does.


Introducing Tacocopter: The Meanest Prank The Internet Could Ever Play

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Over the past few days, the Internet has been going nuts over Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” Mad Men The Hunger Games iPad 3 defects porn a new fast food start-up in San Francisco that would combine technological progress and the most important food of the past 1,000 years – tacos.


Skype Founder To Create Future Failed Netflix Competitor


So, Blockbuster is a failure already, since it's welded to a satellite provider and offers a third of what Netflix offers.

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