Not Enough Winter In Your Life? There’s An Actual Company Offering To Ship Bottles Of Snow Across The US

Ship Snow, Yo will ship out a 16-ounce bottle of the fluffy white stuff for $12.99.

uh ok

Deathbros Are Putting The ‘Fun’ In Funeral Services

Funeral services are about to get a lot more technically advanced, thanks to funeral startups. Seriously.


A Man Confessing To Murder To Plug A Startup Is Not A Good Thing


Matthew Cordle has confessed to killing a man due to drinking and driving. But it's not a public service announcement. It's an advertisement.


Meet the Guy Who Secretly Lived On AOL’s Campus For Two Months When He Was Broke And Homeless

If you see the name "Eric Simons" attached to a startup, it's probably one you want to invest money in, because this guy Does.


Introducing Tacocopter: The Meanest Prank The Internet Could Ever Play


Over the past few days, the Internet has been going nuts over Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” Mad Men The Hunger Games iPad 3 defects porn a new fast food start-up in San Francisco that would combine technological progress and the most important food of the past 1,000 years – tacos.


Skype Founder To Create Future Failed Netflix Competitor

So, Blockbuster is a failure already, since it's welded to a satellite provider and offers a third of what Netflix offers.

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