Deathbros Are Putting The ‘Fun’ In Funeral Services

If you want to get into an industry with steady demand that everybody needs, the mortuary sciences are always looking for employees. No, seriously, we need people to prepare and plant the dead, to ensure funeral services go off without a hitch. And, for some reason, despite the industry constantly needing help, this has attracted startup bros.

No, really. There are deathbros. Forbes has a few insights to these guys:

Meet Ryan Thogmartin and Joe Joachim, two young men who aren’t your daddy’s funeral professionals. Thogmartin and Joachim are more Guy Fieri or Tim Ferriss than professional undertaker, a generation of startup guys who want to change the way we dispose of the dead.

And of course, they are on YouTube. Because of course they are:

To be fair, it’s more about the presentation than anything else: For example, FuneralOne is a site that largely exists to help build better websites for funeral homes and allow the bereaved to create video tributes more easily and the like. And ConnectingDirectors is basically just LinkedIn for mortuaries. One would imagine both are beneficial services that we deeply hope we’ll never have to use. My brain is being put in a bottle and fired into space, dammit!

Still, it is a little weird to see the funerary services treated more like Facebook than like, well, funerals. We just hope that when the Reaper comes, he brings the good beer. I don’t want to die knowing there’s a thirty rack of light beer in my fridge.