Watch The Cast Of ‘Silicon Valley’ Attempt To Guess What Real Startups Do Based On Names Alone

You’d think, as Silicon Valley heads into its third season next month, that the cast might be getting a bit more familiar with the goings on in the high-tech region for which the series is named. As such, Wired magazine gathered together stars Thomas Middleditch, T.J. Miller, Martin Starr, Kumail Nanjiani, and Zach Woods to guess what various successful actual Silicon Valley startups do based on their names alone.

As it turns out, though, “Nutanix” is neither scrotum-related nor a fiber cereal, and “Anaplan” actually has nothing to do with “anal play” for married couples. (It should go without saying that the language in the video is fairly NSFW.) Props to Kumail Nanjiani for accurately guessing that a company called “Automattic” was started by “a dude named Matt,” but otherwise the experiment didn’t go so great. And yet, all of the startups mentioned are valued at more than a billion dollars each. Just nerds out there making bank, while you and I go about our normal, everyday lives.

Season three of Silicon Valley returns to HBO April 24, 2016!

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(Via Tastefully Offensive)