tap dancing

This Little Girl’s Impromptu Tap Dance Routine Is Guaranteed To Make You Smile

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At a pre-school tap dance recital, one little girl stole the show when she broke from the choreographed routine.


Tap Dancing Birdie


This little guy puts the <a href="http://clipnation.com/tap-dancing-seagull/" target="_blank">Tap Dancing Seagull</a> to shame.


Because It’s Friday, Meet Winston, The Tap-Dancing English Bulldog

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I’m going to be 100 percent honest right now – short of the University of Oregon’s cheerleaders kidnapping me and forcing me to watch anything but college basketball today (and I welcome them to try), I’m not really interested in anything other news right now.

tap dancing

Nothing To See Here…Just A Couple Of Bros Tap-Dancing On The Beach To Dubstep

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What, you've never seen a couple of bros walk out to the surf with a couple of boards and proceed to tap dance the sh*t out of them to a dubstep mix.

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