tap dancing

This Little Girl’s Impromptu Tap Dance Routine Is Guaranteed To Make You Smile

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At a pre-school tap dance recital, one little girl stole the show when she broke from the choreographed routine.


Tap Dancing Birdie


This little guy puts the Tap Dancing Seagull to shame.


Because It’s Friday, Meet Winston, The Tap-Dancing English Bulldog

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I’m going to be 100 percent honest right now – short of the University of Oregon’s cheerleaders kidnapping me and forcing me to watch anything but college basketball today (and I welcome them to try), I’m not really interested in anything other news right now.

tap dancing

Nothing To See Here…Just A Couple Of Bros Tap-Dancing On The Beach To Dubstep

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What, you've never seen a couple of bros walk out to the surf with a couple of boards and proceed to tap dance the sh*t out of them to a dubstep mix.

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