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The 2013 NRA Convention Served Up A Heaping Helping Of Nuttery For Jon Stewart To Play With Last Night

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In case you hadn't heard, the NRA held its annual gun nut convention for 2013 in Houston over the weekend. Cue the hilarious Jon Stewart takedown.

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Jon Stewart: Is The NRA An ‘Elaborate, Avant-Guard, Joaquin-Phoenix-Style Joke’?

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Did you see the new ad the NRA rolled out in response to the public outcry for stricter gun control laws following the Newtown massacre? Oh, it's a doozy.

Twitter Reacts To Today’s Ridiculous Speech By The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre

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Naturally, as it is wont to do whenever something ridiculous happens, Twitter collectively had some pretty funny and interesting things to say about the NRA presser today.


The NRA Breaks Silence On Newtown Shootings, Resulting In Sadly Predictable And Impossibly Dumb Statements

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If Obama can't get some sort of sensible new gun legislation passed through Congress with Wayne LaPierre as his opposition, he might as well just give up.


The NRA Has Deactivated Its Facebook Page, Still Silent On Newtown Shootings

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The NRA's Twitter feed has yet to acknowledge the Newtown shootings, and the group took down it's Facebook page altogether over the weekend.

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