This ‘Daily Show’ Segment On Gun Nuts And The Lawyers Who Represent Them Is Hysterical, But Chilling

Every year the NRA holds it annual convention and every year the overall tone of the convention grows more and more paranoid and batsh*t. This year’s gun nut extravaganza featured Sarah Palin screeching more nonsensical jibberish than usual and NRA chairman Wayne Lapierre braying fear while looking downright corpse-ish, among other things.

Lucky are we, however, as the whole clusterf*ck inspired a couple of A1 Daily Show segments that aired last night, the first featuring Stewart offering commentary after snippets of insane NRA convention speeches were shown, and newish correspondent Jordan Clepper absolutely killing it in a segment on legal protection for people who shoot other people. Enjoy.

Here’s part one…

[protected-iframe id=”34e248a1f1bf9ecda84f338a0d2a7c24-60970621-60429128″ info=”″ width=”650″ height=”400″ frameborder=”0″]

And here’s part two…

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