The NRA Has Deactivated Its Facebook Page, Still Silent On Newtown Shootings

If you, like me, have been wondering how the National Rifle Association (NRA) — the gun lobby group that advocates absolutely no restrictions on gun ownership of any kind — would react to the Newtown shootings, well, we’re all still waiting. But so far the response appears to be to run and hide — the NRA’s Twitter feed has yet to acknowledge it, and the group took down it’s Facebook page altogether over the weekend.

Reports AdWeek:

On Saturday, one day after the unthinkable shootings at a Newtown, Conn. elementary school, the NRA took a more drastic measure by deactivating its Facebook page after celebrating getting to 1.7 million fans on the social site earlier in the week.

While the group has not commented since Friday’s tragedy, it appears to have staked out a strategy to take its brand out of the social media picture in the wake of a mass-shooting news event. Given its guns-rights cause, the social media buzz after such events seems to be an unenviable conversation for the org to partake in. The NRA’s chief Twitter account, which has doubled in followers to 63,000 since the Aurora shootings, has been silent since tweeting out a holidays giveaway contest early Friday.

Is this retreating or reloading, Sarah?

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