The Eiffel Tower Will Go Dark For Aleppo Tonight As Solidarity Protests Occur Around The Globe

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In a show of solidarity with the people of Aleppo, the Eiffel Tower will go dark on Wednesday night, as reported by Mashable. The act of unity comes as a ceasefire in the city broke down over concerns the Syrian regime was still bombarding the city.

The situation in Aleppo continues to escalate, as evacuation attempts are at a standstill, and a reported 50,000 civilians are still trapped in the affected areas of the city. The ceasefire brokered between Russia and Turkey for eastern Aleppo was designed to help get civilians and rebels out of the city, which isn’t exactly happening. Officials said they are on standby to help in case something changes, which doesn’t look likely right now.

The dimming of the Eiffel Tower is seen as an act of solidarity for the people who are still trapped. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo tweeted that the lights “will turn off to remember symbolically the support of the city of Paris to Aleppo and all of its inhabitants.”

The iconic Paris landmark also went dark in January to honor the victims of the terrorist attacks in 2015. And other acts of unity are happening across the globe. Many are protesting Russia’s involvement in the country and are hoping to shed a light on the situation that is happening there:

(Via Mashable)

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