Alex Jones Unleashes A Bizarre Rant On ‘Cold, Robotic, Dead’ Megyn Kelly Shortly After Inviting Her Into His Studios To Interview Him

Although NBC’s Megyn Kelly promoted her Sunday Night show while telling people she wasn’t going to get too political, she’s sure … getting political! Her debut episode featured Vladimir Putin mocking the heck out of her questions, and now, she’s interviewed Alex Jones, the man who’s launched a zillion politically-oriented conspiracy theories and gleefully spread the insane Pizzagate fake-news story. And apparently, the Kelly-Jones interview not go well because he unleashed a truly bizarre rant shortly after she left his Austin studios.

In the above clip, Jones accuses Kelly of doing things that she promised not to do. Did she ask the “wrong” questions? Whatever the case, Jones says he told Kelly that her kids would die of cancer (he believes pediatric cancer exists because of “population control”), and he starts flashing photos of them together on the screen. Then Jones — who already pretends like he’s the most virile man in the universe — declares that he was not at all attracted to Megyn Kelly, and he insults her looks and mental state:

“Not feminine. Cold. Robotic. Dead. I felt zero attraction to Megyn Kelly. That’s not an insult to Megyn Kelly. I talked to a lot of other folks that know her. They say, ‘No. It’s the same.’ Because you’re dealing with … sociopath? A psychopath? I don’t know.”

Jones continues to rant while telling Kelly that he warned her about so many things, but she’s part of the evil globalist cause. He then insists that she works for “the New World Order,” which he says will fail. Sadly, there’s probably a good chance that this InfoWars episode packs more of a punch than the interview that will actually air. Yet Kelly, who enjoyed modest ratings for her premiere, will see a boost from the Jones bots who tune in to watch.

Things appeared to be going well in this photo, but guess not!