All Of Pawnee Will Be Coming Back Together At The End Of ‘Parks And Recreation’ According To Michael Schur

Looks like everyone’s favorite Pawnee residents and public servants will be back for the series finale of Parks and Recreation. Literally, they’ll all be in the final scene. At least that’s according to showrunner Mike Schur, who recently shared a few tidbits about the seventh and final season.

Schur said the final season would feature a few “real nostalgia” storylines to honor fans — there will be a lot of Easter eggs — with a lot of Pawnee people coming back at the end for one big scene but ultimately he had a different goal.

“The goal is to always have the story stand on its own regardless of if you’ve seen [the show] before,” he said. (Via THR)

So this means Louis C.K. will be back as Dave Sanderson, right? Yes, just say Louis is coming back.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)