CNN’s Chris Cuomo Slams Kellyanne Conway, Tells Her She Has ‘No Standard of Morality’

Kellyanne Conway attempted to defend Donald Trump’s endorsement of Roy Moore for Senator of Alabama to Chris Cuomo on CNN’s New Day Wednesday morning, in a rather contentious 20 minute long interview. Cuomo came out swinging on the subject, asking Conway whether or not having someone who agreed with the president’s agenda was worth putting an accused child molester on the Senate. She responded by immediately starting to babble about Moore’s opponent, Doug Jones.

“When the president endorsed Roy Moore, when he started to talk about Doug Jones, the opponent, which you still don’t want to talk about but the president does, Roy Moore took a lead in the polls again,” Conway claimed. “Why is that? Because the president himself came out and said he doesn’t want a liberal in the Senate. He doesn’t want a liberal Democrat in the Senate. He wants a reliable vote for taxes for life.”

“You’d rather have an accused child molester than a Democrat?” Cuomo interjected. Conway then countered, “The president also said something else that you don’t want to ever reflect, which is, the president said Roy Moore has denied those allegations and the president said you have to take that into account too.”

Later, as their debate continued to heat up, Cuomo told Conway frankly, “It seems like you have no standard of morality. It’s all political pragmatism.”

When Conway objected, Cuomo continued, giving her a compliment of the most backhanded variety. “No, not you, I’m saying the president’s position,” he said. “No, I know you and I love you, I’m talking about President Trump — if anything you benefit from bias because I’ve known you for 20 years and I actually listen to some of this stuff that doesn’t make sense. The president seems to have no moral standard at play then.”

Conway did go on to admit that the White House supposedly does find the allegations troubling. “But not troubling enough to actually do anything about them,” Cuomo fired back.