Hillary Clinton Captures Enough Delegates To Clinch The Democratic Nomination

Hillary Clinton Holds Campaign Roundtable In Las Vegas
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Well, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were set to ride in California as part of the this primary season’s final Super Tuesday. Yet the day will no longer hold the same significance, for Clinton has officially captured enough votes to clinch the Democratic nomination. This information comes courtesy of the Associated Press, which reports that Clinton has officially climbed over the magical 2,383 threshold after winning the Puerto Rico primary. Not only does Clinton lead Bernie Sanders in the pledged delegate department, but she also has over 500 superdelegates on her side.

Clinton is taking the news well on Twitter but isn’t resting easy yet. She hopes to win big in this week’s primaries, which will see votes in California, New Jersey, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

So, here we go with another presumptive nominee. Barring a very successful take in Tuesday’s states, which could justify a contested convention on Sanders’ part, this November’s general election will officially feature Clinton against Donald Trump. While the super devoted Sanders fans won’t be happy about this news, the Bern is sending a clear message to his supporters (that is, keep on voting). He’s flat-out refusing to acknowledge Clinton as nominee. At least, according to this AFP tweet, Sanders says there’s no official nominee until the July convention, especially since this announcement was based on a massive chunk of superdelegates.

Man, it is on.

(Via Associated Press)