CNN's Don Lemon Wonders If A Black Hole Swallowed Flight 370 In The Most Insane Theory Yet

What do you do when you have run out of plausible theories to report or make-up on the spot? You do what Don Lemon did and just start throwing out plots from TV shows, or maybe even just read off things under a Snapple cap. Whatever, man. Via Mediaite:

CNN’s Don Lemon has been entertaining all sorts of theories about the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, including the chance something “supernatural” happened, but on Wednesday night, he actually asked panelists about the possibility a black hole was involved.

Lemon brought this up along with other “conspiracy theories” people have been floating on Twitter, including people noting the eerie parallels to Lost and The Twilight Zone, and wondered, “is it preposterous” to consider a black hole as a possibility?

Yes, Don, it is preposterous. CNN might as well get Alex Jones to host and cover the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. This plane really disappeared because the New World Order is using it as a cover to hide the false flag operation happening in Ukraine by the space lizards from the hollow Moon disguised as Russian soldiers to cause an international event. Or, it just crashed in the Indian Ocean.

Via Mediaite