‘The Daily Show’ Calls Out Fox News’ Double Standard When It When Comes To Harvey Weinstein Versus Bill O’Reilly

Recently, The Daily Show deftly covered the Las Vegas mass shooting while poking fun at Fox News’ narrative-crafting coverage. Now, Trevor Noah is filtering current unsavory happenings through the network’s lens. That is, Noah called out Fox News for its double standard in covering the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal versus how they handled host Bill O’Reilly. Especially after O’Reilly’s reported $32 million settlement with an accuser was followed by a reupped contract, Noah views the network’s hardline stance with every Weinstein revelation as … inconsistent.

Cue the montage of outraged Fox News hosts, which include Judge Jeanine Pirro calling Weinstein a “super-sexual predator.” Of course, Sean Hannity can be seen lashing out at “spiked” stories about Weinstein from the mainstream media, and he asks, “How many women could have been protected, had they done their job?” Noah finds this question to be illuminating, given how the hosts showed selective outrage after a “powerful liberal person” allegedly committed the same wrongs.

And so, Noah wonders whether it might be a good idea to tell Fox News that Weinstein “colluded with Russia.” It’s a fair remark, but the real comeuppance arrives when Noah points out that Weinstein has been effectively banished from Hollywood, whereas Fox News recently welcomed O’Reilly onto Hannity to promote his new book. They even let O’Reilly drop one of his old taglines.

In the end, however, Noah encourages Fox News to keep railing about sexual harassment, and the kicker — “you don’t even have to leave the building” — is sure to ruffle some feathers.

(Via Comedy Central)