Donald Trump Selects Two FCC Advisors Who Could Signal The End Of Net Neutrality

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Two of Donald Trump’s new advisors that will lead his transition team’s FCC and telecommunications policies may give an insight into the future of net neutrality. Jeff Eisenach and Mark Jamison are strong opponents of net neutrality, which bars internet service providers from giving preferred treatment to some forms of online content or services.

Both Eisenach and Jamison have a long history of battling net neutrality, as highlighted by their resumes. Eisenbach once worked as a consultant for Verizon and in 2014 and solidified his stance on net neutrality by telling a Senate Judiciary Committee, “Net neutrality would not improve consumer welfare or protect the public interest.” He also wrote in a blog post, “Net neutrality is crony capitalism pure and simple.” Jamison, on the other hand, once worked for Sprint’s lobbying team. The duo have appeared to vigorously worked to battle net neutrality, which is a policy stance they share with the president-elect:

Net neutrality has been a fiercely debated topic, as it could turn the world wide web into the wild west. Gizmodo reports how, without the regulations, internet providers could have a field day with price gouging:

“For example, without net neutrality rules, internet providers like Comcast and Verizon could charge internet subscribers more for using sites like Netflix. The FCC’s net neutrality rules would protect consumers from paying exorbitant fees for internet use.”

In June, a court ruled against broadband companies’ case for repealing net neutrality, with President Obama even putting his foot down on the matter. But with Eisenach and Jamison at the helm of the FCC and telecommunications team, the future of net neutrality could be up in the air.

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