Doug Jones Tells Former Alabama Senate Race Opponent Roy Moore ‘It’s Time To Move On’

Despite losing to suprised Democratic opponent Doug Jones in Alabama’s special election on Tuesday, Republican candidate Roy Moore refuses to concede the race. He said as much during his final remarks late Tuesday night, telling the crowd, “The military votes aren’t in yet, they’ve not been counted.” On Wednesday, Moore repeated his refusal in a campaign ad-esque YouTube video, saying, “In this race, we have not received the final count to include ​military and provisional ballots.” With all of this in mind, Today asked Jones what he would say to Moore during a Thursday morning interview.

Jones remained diplomatic in his response, though he suggested Moore “move on” from the election:

“I understand the frustration a little bit. It is a close race. But I’d say, ‘Look, it’s time to move on.’ Every race is tough. It’s bitter sometimes. I think this one was one that the people of Alabama have now spoken a little bit, and they’ve decided to heal. Our campaign has been about that. It’s been about trying to find common ground and heal, and I think he would do well to just go ahead and get this behind us. So the people of Alabama can get someone in there to start working for them.”

Meanwhile, in Wednesday night’s nearly five-minute video, Moore declared, “This has been a very close race and we are awaiting certification by the secretary of state.” Yet as The Daily Beast and many other news outlets have already countered, the Alabama constitution only necessitates a recount if the final tally puts the top two contenders within half a percent of each other. Yet Jones bested Moore with at least one and a half percentage points.


(Via Today and The Daily Beast)