The Unluckiest Motorist Alive Escaped A Cliff Crash Only To Receive A Worse Fate

One gentleman in California had the worst Saturday ever, but we should preface this discussion by revealing that, somehow, he survived. The man was trucking along Malibu Canyon Road when he swerved out of control and nearly drove off the side of a cliff. Miraculously, his vehicle wedged itself into the curb and did not fly off into oblivion. That’s the good news.

Unfortunately, there’s bad news as well. The man felt disoriented upon impact and emerged from his car onto the road, where he was suddenly hit by a tour bus. Again, this man is alive, although he may wish he wasn’t. The Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station reveals that emergency personnel discovered the man was holding steady. He was swiftly rushed to a hospital where he’ll spend plenty of time recuperating.

After this turn of events, this guy is either the luckiest or unluckiest man around, but he managed to escape two consecutive, life-threatening events in a very brief period of time. Photo evidence reveals how close he came to doom. Here’s the full Facebook post from the Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station. Hopefully, this fella will never stray outdoors again if he can possibly avoid doing so.

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