Geraldo Rivera Had A Wet And Chaotic Exchange With DNC Demonstrators

With the DNC in full swing, reporters from Fox News have inevitably descended upon the great city of Philadelphia. You may have heard rumors about Sean Hannity getting booed out of a Wawa, which turned out to be largely unfounded. Geraldo Rivera is likewise in town for the DNC, and on Tuesday afternoon the Dancing with the Stars competitor wandered into what appears to be a Black Lives Matters rally at City Hall, in this video captured by Andrew Desiderio from The Daily Beast.

Suffice to say, it did not go well. In the video, Rivera is confronted by throngs of demonstrators. He asks one whether they support a free press, to which the man answered, “I support a free press, not a Wall Street press.” As he tries to reason back, another demonstrator to his back pours a bottle of water over his head, and everything kind of devolves into pandemonium from there.

At that point, Rivera and his cameraman — who were live on air while this happened, by the way — were ushered out of the crowd and down the sidewalk as he told his audience at home that they had been asked to move by the Philadelphia police. Sure thing!

To get an idea how unwanted Rivera was in Philadelphia, here’s another video from Press For Truth that surfaced on YouTube Tuesday. I think the whole thing can be summed up by the protester who yells at the 0:40 mark, “You call that reporting Geraldo? F*ck you!”

(Via The Week)