Hilariously Botched Bin Laden Cake: ‘Terrorists, Yow Game Is Thronsch’

A reader named Ryan writes in:

During the seemingly endless festivities surrounding the death and conquest of Usama Bin Laden, me and some friends decided to throw a festive party, which would include the man himself on a cake. Surprisingly enough, when told of our plan, the area “Major Grocery Store” deemed it inappropriate and would not make it. So, in true American fashion, we went to a local bakery owned by Mexicans who would do it for us, and cheaper too. The only problem was, they spoke very little English, so the cake message was a little bit lost in translation. It went from being intended to say “Terrorists Your Game Is Through” (from the “America, Fuck Yea!” song) to saying, “Terrorists, yow game is thronsch”. Also, when I gavce them the photo I printed out off the internet, they decided to leave all the white blank area from the page on it, including the Page Count and date & time it was printed in the corners. It was both the best cake, and the worst cake, I’ve ever had in my life.

As KSK’s Drew Magary pointed out earlier today, how funny is it that Osama Bin Laden’s life and death have now been reduced to punchlines?