Is Hillary Clinton’s Misspelled Name On The Debate Ticket A Bad Omen?

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The latest potential ammunition for Donald Trump and his supporters to use against Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee has just revealed itself in the form of a typo, or straight misspelling of Hillary’s name. On Hofstra University’s presidential debate tickets, Hillary Clinton is spelled “Hilary” which certainly won’t be used as low hanging fruit in tonight’s potential mudslinging, right?

This isn’t a bad omen for tonight’s debate, right?

Despite being in the public eye for over 25 years, the spelling of Hillary’s name (two Ls) has yet to be fully grasped. Even Hillary (or a social media intern) has trouble with getting the double hockey stick in there.

On second thought, perhaps this is just another misspelling in a lifetime of misspellings. Hillary Clinton has dealt with this many times before:

Instead of a bad omen, this could be a good omen for Hillary. She’s dealt with this before, and now she knows what barbs are coming and what to deflect. So her name was misspelled, so what? What matters is that she’s on stage and about to verbally spar with Donald Trump. Their words on policy matter far more than a misspelled name.

But still, poor Hilary.

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