What Is The Path Of Hurricane Irma? An Updated Map

Hurricane Irma’s arrival in the U.S. looks certain with Floridian evacuations in process, but there’s uncertainty as to when the storm will hit. For now, all we can do is follow Irma’s track and adjust accordingly as more information comes in. Here’s a map of Irma’s current track, and when it’s likely to arrive.

As you can see from the map, Irma making landfall in the US is all but inevitable. Here’s Google’s crisis response map, which has ongoing updates.

We also recommend following NOAA’s updated forecast, easily accessible via their site.

Some important points as Irma moves towards American soil:

  • Regardless of what path Irma takes, and there are several, ranging from going straight up the center of South Florida to veering around and hitting the panhandle to moving along the Eastern Seaboard, it will be a threat. Irma is a storm system larger than the state of Ohio, currently, with high chances of extreme winds over the next week.
  • Irma is extremely dangerous. Especially if a mandatory evacuation order has been issued for your area, do not try to “ride out” this hurricane. If there is any chance your area will be struck directly by Irma, begin preparing to secure your home and evacuate if you haven’t already.
  • Remember that meteorology is an inexact science. Any map you see, no matter how carefully rendered, may not be the truth on the ground. Don’t assume Irma will miss you just because one map tells you it’s unlikely.

Good luck, all, and safe journeys.