ISIS Called For All Muslims To Join Them And The Internet Pounced All Over ISIS

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When the Internet comes together for a common cause, the results can be astounding. Such was the case when ISIS put out a call for Muslims to rise up against Western infidels. The relevant tweetstorm continues; but the madness started on Sunday evening when ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi sent out a recruitment call through an audio recording. Arab Spring activist Iyad El-Baghdadi swiftly translated the recording. He then posted a series of tweets, which revealed how al-Baghdadi urged Muslims to rise together and defend the Islamic state.

Or else.

Twitter users were highly amused by this call to arms and responded by mocking al-Baghdadi’s demands for violence. Quite simply, everyone has better things to do than hang out with jihadists:

The vibe also grew pretty personal with obligatory “72 virgins” jokes, which always hits Islamic radicals where it hurts most:

El-Baghdadi joined in the fun, too, because Twitter can be infectious.

Within the chaos, something disastrous happened. Media outlets began to confuse El-Baghdadi with the ISIS leader. This should never have happened.

Fortunately, a kind person created this handy infographic for El-Baghdadi, so no one should ever confuse him with al-Baghdadi again.

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